You bought ETH at 5$ and sold it for 7$? NEVER AGAIN!
Saifu was developed to prevent paperhands from making bad decisions they will regret later. We have found a simple way to lock your crypto assets until they reach a predetermined time limit or price target, not only helping you avoid buying or selling due to fomo or fear, but also earning you our $SAIFU utility token.
You will always have the option to withdraw your assets, but if you do so before your time limit or price target is reached, you will receive 85% of your assets back and the remaining 15% will go to $SAIFU stakers. This deduction is intended to motivate you to follow through with your original plan, but it also allows us to give you the option to access your assets in case of an urgent need.


Our smart contract works by locking up your assets, throwing away the key, and only giving it back to you once your price or time goals have been triggered.
For example, it's early 2023, ETH is sitting at $1500 and you already dream of higher prices. The world around you is talking about ETH reaching $10,000 in the future and you already see yourself in your Lamborghini. Unfortunately, you are someone who lacks patience and isn't particularly good at long-term planning, so you sell your ETH at the first small pump to $2000. As you stand on the sidelines, ETH actually climbs to $10,000 by the end of 2024. What if you had protected some of it from yourself?.
With Saifu, you would have two options:
a) you put your ETH in the Saifu safe and set a time limit, such as October 2024. In this case, your assets would be locked up until that date.
b) you put your ETH in the Saifu safe and set a price goal of $10,000. In this case, your assets would only be released once ETH reaches at least $10,000 at any point in time.


Last modified 5mo ago