1. What happens if I want to access my assets before the lock-up period is over?

In this case, you have the option to perform an "emergency unlock." However, you will only receive 85% of your locked assets back. The other 15% will go to the $SAIFU stakers.

  1. How will I know when the lock-up period is over?

By checking the open positions in the app.

  1. Are there any restrictions on which types of assets can be locked up?

While we are still in demo mode, only ETH can be locked. Later, we will open for all tokens.

  1. What happens if the app/platform goes out of business while my assets are locked up?

Since the function of Saifu runs through smart contracts, all functions can run directly through the contracts. Once we go online, we will provide instructions on how to use Saifu without the front end, even if the site no longer functions.

  1. Can I transfer my assets to another wallet or exchange?

Once you lock assets in Saifu, they are not available to you until you unlock them. However, since you receive the key for each position as a "position NFT," you can send and receive it just like any other NFT. So, you can lock assets and pass on the key for that position to someone else if you wish.

  1. Can I change the lock-away period once it has been set?


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