How to use SAIFU (demo)

1) Switch to Canto Testnet network

Saifu is currently in demo mode and can only be accessed through the Canto testnet for now.

2) Launch the app, connect to MM and open a new position.

3) Choose symbol and mode:

In the demo you will only have the option to lock $CANTO. This will change in the final release. Select "Time Mode" if you want to lock away your assets for a specified time. Enter the amount and the date on which your assets should be released. Click "Create Saifu Position" after you have reviewed your information.
Time mode
Select "Price Mode" if you want to lock away your assets until they reach a certain price. Here, you need to specify the amount you want to lock away and the price at which the assets should be released.
Price mode

4) Open positions

Here you can find your open and closed positions. Positions whose unlocking target has been reached can be unlocked via "Unlock" and 100% of your assets will return to your wallet (+ $SAIFU tokens in the final release). If you want your assets back before the unlocking target is reached, you need to perform an "Emergency Unlock" in which 15% of your assets will be transferred to $SAIFU stakers.