We will help protect your assets from yourself by securing them in our secure smart contract until the unlock is triggered. But what if you want to withdraw your assets before that? Let's dive deeper.

Early unlock fees (emergency unlock)

With us, you lock up your assets and specify in advance when in the future you want to have access again. However, if you need to withdraw them in a rush, there is an incentive for you not to do so, the emergency unlock fee.

Why fees?

Fees serve as motivation for you to stick to your original plan. We want to give everyone the ability to withdraw their assets at any time, however, our service would not make sense to allow this without any obstacle.

How much?

In case of an emergency unlock, 15% of the unlocked assets go to $SAIFU stakers.

What happens to the fees?

100% of the fees go directly to $SAIFU stakers.

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